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Instinct Photography
crocodile-hunty asked: Where do you live? The places in your pictures are always so beautiful!

I’m in a secluded corner in south-eastern BC Canada.

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geardaemon asked: Love dogs and its nice find another person who knows more about the ANCD as I want to get one in the future. But training question, I own what we think is a Dutch ShepherdxAkita mix, how did you train your dog to jump up and hold the sit upright position for so long? I have the hardest time trying to teach jump to this dog despite her leaping over rails and benches when chasing small animals. Shes 14 months at 67 pounds still growing but healthy with no hip problems. Just stubborn haha

Hey there! Are you talking about beg/sit pretty? I actually haven’t taught this to my ANCD, though I imagine it would be possible given lots of time. It’s much easier for some dogs, depending on their body type. My Malinois Onyx is really good at this trick, she loves it. You have to start out only asking for a second or two, and very slowly build up the duration. It takes a lot of core strength for them, so they have to build up to it. I used a food lure to start out with, and always made sure to reward in position (while they still had their front legs off the ground).

I hope that helps!

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runjumpswimplayfitter asked: Hello. I just came across your blog, and love it. Can you please tell me where you got the beautiful leather harness for Onyx from? I would love to get one for my pups when they're full grown. Thank you! And sorry if you've already posted it!

Hey there, thank you :) I got her harness from, we actually won it and a few other thing in a video contest that they ran. It’s a nice harness, I would definitely recommend them!

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